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Chinese shoes network September 9 hearing, since Lucas first open Chrysostom official debut in the entertainment industry, those little baby, the more enemies, a new competition, and now, he stars as the most tide three generations, there is someone for him official website, open () (fans microblogging), open backup, he was only three years old, a good mood when the appearance, most of the time to play their own, the camera will steal the spotlight than the parents Feng Chi. He Y???? LucasFansClub emerged on the microblogging various photograph is passed in a timely manner to all corners of the Internet, compared to Star Star Mom Dad and the family elders star, apparently Lucas is media favorite. Three generations as the most star, his only appearance Cute and blast wave, always able to spike the public. personality first, three gener cheap jordans for sale ations of the Red Tide brand plus body, innate sense of the lens Lucas just how attention? Except for the publication named fashion editor is strongly recommended, even his hair cut in a photograph can be boarded website headlines, enjoy a more generous treatment than his parents. In more developed information the moment, he has become to the trend in the stars, wore designer clothes, play iPad, engaging personality, a star-like to match Cute look, every move can tilt the people, compared to a passive birth live in the spotlight of Nicholas father, Lucas even better is that he was born from one, it seems that "love" a star! year in order to avoid the paparazzi, reluctantly went to Canada to study, and now many Hong Kong star family which takes kids "Shoumai" overprotection reluctant exposure, Lucas appears simply to fill gaps in ent Retro jordans for sale ertainment, especially his Facing the camera often showing the appearance of excitement, almost effortlessly harvest a large number of fans. Moreover, Lucas still have to have the personality of a child personality, a lot of street shooting in Ituri, he either put dark glasses Cool, either directed at passers-by waved generous Say Hi, Or simply to learn to deal with a variety of a type of gesture to chase the spotlight on the Shanghai Film Festival also know that maintaining the mother, saying "Do not say I Mummy fat" English accent, suddenly the momentum overwhelm one. In addition fearless willingness to share with the public childhood fun personality, star mom Cecilia is also good to cultivate the trend Lucas grade, Lucas100 day birthday when, then the silver reflective satin jacket British style small dressed gentleman debut, won a Cheap air jordans for sale reputation, after which his body is constantly influx of material, including LV, Bape, Adidas and other famous all get a good interpretation, as well as Hollywood idol poser iPad, in the hands of Lucas, it was a toy, not yet in school, it has gained a reputation as the tide child model. Even more unusual it is, Lucas demonstrated an excellent sense of the lens, either crying or laughing or making faces trouble, Lucas in the lens would not have an embarrassing photo! All Hushanhushan big eyes, awesomeness elf look, born after his brother Quintus, the media attention he has not the slightest decline, due to the growing up of Lucas not only know how to jump in front of the media and generous MJ dance space, but also know Quintus brother holding smiling face of concern, such as the quality of how three generations may not be the star? ! cheap foamposites space dance During the Shanghai Film Festival, the studio singing the media to visit the set Lucas, Lucas live the King of Pop's space jump dance, video and instantly swept the Internet. Fans As early as a few months when the big Lucas, there netizens spontaneously set up Lucas Lucas fans share photos on the web, sought his dress, and now has his exclusive microblogging more than 30,000 fans, more than a lot of adults star more popular. iPad learn Mandarin Lucas bite English at Shanghai Film Festival has amazing people, in July, there are users on the microblogging uploaded a Lucas iPad learning Mandarin with pictures to prove in his children's world trend acuity. LUCAS fashions ape cap Red Bape hat, set off upsurge network buy, Taobao stores gave way to "Lucas endorsement Bape hedging cap" as a slogan to attract busin cheap jordans for sale mens ess. LV Family fitted Cecilia last April with Lucas to go to Taiwan to attend a friend's love life black charity, just five days, the trend of mother and son dressed it caused numerous topics, including the most to steal the spotlight was undoubtedly the set LV denim blue paternity equipment, supplemented by LV shoes, full of extravagance. COMMEdes GARCONS Cecilia loved Japan Tide brand, naturally also affected the Lucas, Taiwan row when to eat hot pot, Lucas is the mother and son wearing the brand T-shirt debut. Nike, Adidas shoes Little Lucas most often "is endorsement" is Nike, Adidas shoes, Baidu Post Bar as well as specialized shoes for each thread SMALL Lu changes and promotions, affect the appeal of the unusual ah. two little Quintus forecast future fashion status Although Quintus an appearance, that is to circle cheap jordans online the celebrity favorite Japanese famous Comme Ca ISM are armed, there are many advertisers out price nearby, but in general, with such a brother steal the spotlight front, Quintus inevitably keep coming in all aspects of his brother to make some alignments, including fashion sense, shape, taste, etc., which is not necessarily a good thing for him, for the protection of the mentality, coupled with her grandmother Deborah always opposition grandson into the entertainment business, Quintus there might be "well hidden" low growth, less spotlight baptism, lack of street shooting, it is difficult to have the status of eligible public recognition of fashion, I am afraid that after the escape of his brother Lucas news, low-key brother Quintus was pursued fate.Nike Kobe 10 EXT Mid exposure 2015-04-21 14:30:10 Following the Nike LeBron 12 EXT, Ni cheap jordan shoes for men ke Kobe 10 EXT Mid recently also exposed on the network. 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